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Decorate The Guest Room For Worry-Free Comfort

It's often the most neglected room in the house, until company is coming. Then you scramble around looking for bedding, cleaning out the clutter and tidying. The guest room should be a place of solitude for your company instead of a source of worry for you. Learn how to set up and decorate this room in a simple, stylish way.

Since your guests will likely only need their own room when they spend the night, you're going to need quality linens. Purchase three or four towel sets in a neutral color and store them in the guest room closet. Buy two high-thread count sheet sets and two soft, comfortable bedding quilts. Also make sure to get four pillows that are well filled but not overly hard. All of the bedding should also be in a neutral color scheme.

Make sure the room is stocked with these important elements as well. For nighttime reading, an easily operated lamp should be on the bedside table. A digital alarm clock is essential, as is setting it to the correct time for your guests. Set up a full length mirror for simple dressing and have open space for clothing storage, such as a dresser and plenty of hangers in the closet.

Pick out well made, stylish furniture that isn't too bold or dated. Wood is often the best choice and will last for years with little maintenance. A set with matching bedside tables and at least a double bed is a good choice. Sleigh beds are ideal for styling and have an attractive, inviting look that never goes out of fashion. Choose muted colors instead of brass, gold or other bright hues.

You might want to choose a theme for your guest room. A favorite hobby, destination or color scheme lends a homey feel to the room. Lean towards landscape views or simple prints in matching frames for the artwork. Place large pictures on open walls and tuck small frames into corners or arrange them together for a big impact. Cover the window with shades to provide darkness overnight, but make sure the brightness of the day can also come in when the shades are rolled up.

Arrange a few spare blankets on the Sleigh bed and place the extra pillows in the closet. Try not to pile or clutter up the furniture and arrange the closet well so that there is space free for guests. Put your own items in boxes or bins and organize them neatly.

Now your guest room is ready for worry-free use. The company will rave about the comfort and care you provided with these simple decorating tips.

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