Hillside landscaping is the true challenge that tests the mettle of the creator. You can face some obstinate hurdles like soil erosion and drainage which can even cost you a good sum. To design a beautiful hillside landscape you need to do the meticulous planning and assemble materials so that you do not overspend. Let us find out how far we can be successful with hillside landscaping.

Retaining Walls

By creating retaining walls you not only enhance the beauty of your hillside but also deal with the soil erosion problem effectively. These retaining walls can be made of brick, rock, wood, PVC and plastic. First of all you need to tackle the placement problem of your retaining walls and what effects will that cause to the drainage system.

The position that you are planning to create the retaining wall on should be one which helps control the soil erosion and not aggravate it. Also, keep in mind that the retaining wall should not cause any soil erosion in another place. You should take some advice from the professionals who can help you with the layout of your retaining walls.

Plants For Your Hillside Landscaping

Plants will add to the beauty of your hillside landscape and also control erosion. For this, you need to select your plants carefully that will make your landscape look lush and green and at the same time give you relief from the erosion problem. Plants are the highlights of any hillside landscape which can make it come to life with its colorful variety.


Using decks for the beautification of your hillside landscaping is a wise decision. There may be certain areas in your landscape that may mar the whole look and cannot be camouflaged with the use of any other method. Here you can use decks and use it to complement the overall setting and make your hillside look attractive.

Here again, you would need some planning of your deck’s design. Decks that are not properly designed and anchored securely could worsen the erosion and be precarious especially if they are placed on steep slopes. A deck should be safe and a place to relax while watching the sun go down surrounded by colorful plants and trees.

Create Rock Gardens

You can forego the idea of retaining walls if you are not keen on spending and opt for rock gardens. You can keep the sloping area intact with a rock garden created on the slope. You also save a lot on the construction of the retaining walls as for your rock garden you can use the boulders that used for constructing walls. As the rocks have the substantial weight of their own there is no requirement of any additional security and this method will also help to control the erosion. Also, you can plant some flowers and plants in spaces around the rocks. It will give a scintillating view of flowers and rocks.

Hillside Landscaping