Double Doona

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What colour should I paint my room? (pictures included)?

I am 18 yrs old,,, my room is very small and I have just bought a double bed. I want colours that will make my room look bigger and really nice. Also should I paint it one single colour or two different colours? I really have no idea... so please help. Do I paint the ceiling?

My room is a square shape.

Here are some pics of the doona cover. What colours would look good with it?


If you want a room to look smaller, paint it one light color. Bright colors, dark colors and accent walls all make the room look smaller.

I'd go with champagne walls and white trim/celings. That will pick up the colors in the comforter and make the room look bigger.

Examples- Champagne Gold (Behr), Biltmore Buff (Sherwin Williams).

Then I'd accessorize with delicate gold accents.

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Double Doona

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